Governor calls SunPass problems 'unacceptable' as drivers still aren't being billed

Ongoing issues began during scheduled maintenance

ORLANDO, Fla. – Drivers using SunPass on state tollways are still not seeing charges on their bills and are continuing to have problems with the website.

The Florida Department of Transportation has now given the contractor a deadline to fix the issues -- or else. 

The state contract was awarded to Conduent, which used to be Xerox. It was awarded in November of 2015, is more than 1,500 pages, detailing rules and deadlines Conduent has to meet. The contract is for a 7-year term between 2015-2022.

It lays out specific details on systems requirements, operations requirements, and performance requirements.

It also has a timeline and payment schedule. 

The total amount of the contract is more than $244 million dollars, with payments ranging from $19 million to $47 million each year of the contract, pending legislative approval, and as long as they meet the terms of the agreement.

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That's the toll money Florida drivers pay in dimes and quarters, all added up.

Now, Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Mike Dew is after Conduent for not meeting the performance requirements of the agreement.

In a letter sent to Conduent’s president on Thursday, Dew stated there are significant deficiencies in the operations call center, website and mobile app.

According to FDOT, approximately 90 million transactions have not been process because Conduent is not able to prove it can accurately process and post transactions to customer accounts. 

He also pointed out duplicate transactions being posted to SunPass customer accounts. Dew said he has given Conduent a 10-day deadline to prove in writing its ability to perform in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Sherry Morris said she noticed duplicate charges on her account even before the Sunpass upgrade in June, which is why she has cancelled her SunPass account

“I got charged for three tolls when I went through one toll,” Morris said. 

She said she even asked SunPass officials for a photo record of her car at the toll.

“They couldn't prove the three times. They could only prove one,” Morris said.

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News 6 went back to Conduent's district office in Ocoee to try to get some answers, but member of the human resources department said officials had nothing to say and that questions should be directed to the state.

We even sent questions to the Conduent spokesperson, who ignored them, and referred us back to the state.

Conduent, which is based in New Jersey, works on nearly half of all U.S. tolls roads and has been accused of double billing in other states, too. Both New York and Texas even started an amnesty program to deal with all the toll problems.

Gov. Rick Scott's office released a statement on Friday about the ongoing problems:

“Governor Scott firmly believes that every vendor that does business with the State of Florida first and foremost serves and is accountable to the families and taxpayers of our state. SunPass is no exception. While the issues with the SunPass system do not interrupt traffic on Florida’s toll roads or affect the cost of tolls in any way, they remain unacceptable and total restoration of this service must be achieved quickly. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has committed that this vendor will be held fully accountable and that FDOT will continue to aggressively work until this is fixed,” the statement said.