Seventh-day Adventist school administrator offered to 'buy' student to kiss her, Ocala police say

Murray Ramnarine, 67, is the former principal at Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church School.

OCALA, Fla. – A former Ocala school principal is accused of repeatedly trying to kiss a student, even offering to "buy her" so he could kiss her, according to Ocala police.

Murray Ramnarine, 67, is the former principal at Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church School in Ocala. He was working at the school as an administrative assistant when the victim told detectives the behavior occurred.

The victim, who is younger than 16, attended the school since she was 5 and was still a student in August when Ocala police said she told her mother that Ramnarine was allowed to pick her up and took her to eat on several occasions. During those visits, the suspect asked the victim if he could get ice cream and other food off her lips by kissing her, according to the report. The victim pushed him away to avoid his kiss, she told police.

Once, Ramnarine asked the girl if he could buy her so that she would allow him to kiss her. She responded by saying that no amount of money would persuade her to kiss him.

Ocala police said the victim told her mother the 67-year-old man repeatedly said he was going to marry her when she was 18 years old and bought her clothes, a computer and a new phone. The mother returned the gifts when she found out about the behavior, according to the report.

When confronted by the victim's mother, Ramnarine told her not to bother calling police, "because nothing will be done anyway," she told police.

After the victim's mother contacted the school, Ramnarine was placed on temporary leave, according to the report. Ramnarine told investigators he resigned.

Ramnarine denied trying to see the girl, but told Ocala police he had mentioned several times he wanted to marry her, "but it was only a joke."

Ramnarine is charged with lewd or lascivious conduct and sexual offenses against a student by an authority figure.