Former Baldwin Park VPK teacher pleads guilty to touching preschoolers

ORLANDO, Fla. – A former Baldwin Park VPK teacher accused of inappropriately touching children has pleaded guilty. 

According to court records, Jayrico Hamilton pleaded guilty Monday to three counts of lewd and lascivious conduct.

Jeff Herman, the attorney for one of the families, said the plea came as a surprise during the status conference.
"It's a great relief that he plead guilty and it was almost surreal for the family for them to hear that," Herman said. 

The former teacher at Bright Horizons Child Care and Learning Center was arrested last year after multiple parents came forward and said their children were sexually abused by Hamilton.

"We already know and we already have evidence and testimony from the co-teacher in the classroom who says that she warned the school repeatedly that there was something inappropriately going on between Jayrico and this little boy," Herman said.

Hamilton will remain in the Orange County jail with no bond until his status hearing on May 7. 
As the criminal case comes to a close, the civil case against Bright Horizons, Hamilton's former employer, continues.

His guilty plea, Herman said, helps with the civil case which is set to go to court in February 2020.

"That certainly is a significant  development for the civil case obviously, because Bright Horizons can't deny that this boy was molested in their classroom," Herman said.

A call to Hamilton's attorney went unanswered.

A statement released by the state attorney's office said, "The case will conclude upon sentencing, which has been scheduled for May 7, 2019. It is important to the proper administration of justice to avoid offering a detailed response prematurely."