Florida woman feels trapped in her own home, says hawk keeps attacking her

The hawks are federally protected

June Miller said she feels trapped inside her own home because a hawk won't stop attacking her and her dog.

Miller noticed the hawk's nest in December, on the second floor of her bay window and she believes there is possibly a family nestled in it.
"I can't go out my back door. I can't go out my front door. I can't even sit out (on) my driveway in my garage," she said. "It is (a)huge nest. And he's being very aggressive. I can't run or move fast enough."
Miller said the hawk swoops in to attack her dog and has nipped her three times in the head, leaving scars.

June's next door neighbor snapped pictures of the nest after News 6 was not allowed on the property of Pelican Bay Golf Community to see the hawk. 
"I don't want to hurt the hawk but he attacked me. I mean, you know, can I use that? Stand your ground," she said.
Miller claimed the bird has also slammed into her windows while she's inside. She called the homeowners association, which said it can't do anything because hawks are federally protected. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told her the same thing and to dress accordingly.

"Get a hard hat to protect my head, which is a little late now because I already got three scars," she quipped. "I love animals. I just want the nest removed. If the babies are in it, take them with them. I just want help," she said.
The FWC told News 6 the homeowner needs to contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to get a permit approved in order to remove the nest.

News 6 alo called Pelican Bay Golf Community for comment, but was unable to contact the organization. 

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