Fishing line tied across bike path in Ormond Beach slices man's throat

Ormond Beach police investigating incident

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – A couple riding bikes in Central Park in Ormond Beach said a fishing line was tied across the path and sliced the man's throat.
"I thought it was a spider web. It was literally burning," he said. For what it was, I'm lucky to walk away."
The couple declined to reveal their identity in fear of retaliation but they showed News 6 pictures of what the man's throat looked like yesterday and where they found the line, tied from a fishing dock to a tree at the Joyce Ebbins Fishing Pier and Observation Deck.
"He literally could have been decapitated. If we were going faster like we normally do and it wasn't raining," said the woman. "There's no way this could have been somebody's fishing line that got hung up on the dock and they just walked with it because it would be laying on the ground. It was strung up around neck height on purpose."
The couple notified Ormond Beach police who are now investigating the incident.

The woman said it hasn't stopped them from riding their bikes on Monday, but said they'll be extra careful and warns others to be as well.
"If you're out here just be vigilant and keep your eyes out. You don't know what's out there," she said.

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