Family tried to help Chuluota man charged with their murders, records show

Grant Amato accused of killing his parents, brother

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Newly released court documents reveal details about a man accused of killing his parents and his brother at their Chuluota home earlier this year.

Grant Amato, 29, is accused of shooting and killing his mother, Margaret, father, Chad, and brother, Cody, at their home on Jan. 25.

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Records obtained by News 6 show the woman with whom investigators said Amato had a longstanding and expensive online relationship.

According to the records, the woman known as Sylvie lived in Bulgaria, and Amato had been purchasing clothing, lingerie and other gifts for her.

Investigators said it was a relationship that cost Amato's family more than $200,000 in stolen money.

The documents include a handwritten agreement that appeared to be drawn up by Amato's family in an effort to get him on the right track.


Notes at the top indicated that the agreement was discussed at California Grill on Jan. 4.

"Grant must present a plan in writing for his personal recovery plan that if not adhered to, leads to dismissal from home," the family wrote.

The agreement demanded Amato not have any more cellphone data service, suggesting a possible flip phone instead.

Notes in the margin show Amato declined going to therapy or a psychologist.

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Three weeks after the agreement was discussed, his mother, father and brother were all found shot to death inside their home.

Amato remains in the Seminole County Jail on $750,000 bond.

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