Former Orange-Osceola state attorney endorses Deb Barra

Barra is running for state attorney in 2020 election

Deborah Barra
Deborah Barra

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Lawson Lamar, who served as Orange County sheriff and Orange-Osceola state attorney, has formally endorsed Deborah L. Barra, candidate for state attorney.

Barra, who last month announced her campaign, worked for Lamar when he held the position. 
"I personally know both candidates who are running for Orange/Osceola County atate attorney; I hired both and each of them worked for me for many years." Lamar wrote in his endorsement letter. "So when I say that Deb Barra is the right and only person for the position, I speak with extensive firsthand knowledge," Lamar wrote.

Ryan Williams, who is also a Democrat, worked in the 9th Circuit office under Lamar.  

Kevin Morenski, who is a local criminal defense attorney and a Republican, has also filed to run.

"Mr. Lamar's endorsement means a great deal to me,” Barra wrote in a statement. “As Sheriff and then our State Attorney for over 20 years he understands what it takes to effectively lead the office, I was fortunate to work under his leadership for nearly 10 years. He taught me to be a voice for victims of crimes, a true public servant for the community and most importantly to always do the right thing. I am profoundly grateful for his guidance and support.” 
Lamar, served as Orange-Osceola state attorney for six consecutive terms. Before that, he served two terms as Orange County sheriff. He is recognized for establishing the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, starting pretrial diversion programs and for trying more cases than any other state attorney’s office in Florida.

"I have spent nearly 40 years helping to keep this community safe.  In the 2020 election I will continue to do my part in protecting our community by voting for Deb Barra," Lamar wrote.

Barra, who worked for Lamar, currently serves as chief assistant state attorney. She spoke to News 6 exclusively when she filed to run.

Barra oversees management of the overall operations of the office. She has completed more than 100 trials, prosecuting virtually every type of offense, but specializing in prosecuting sexual offenders and predators. Barra has held leadership/management positions under three elected state attorneys.

In her current role Barra supervises more than 165 assistant state attorneys and manages the day-to-day operations of the office.  

Some of her professional responsibilities include the hiring of assistant state attorneys, the implementation of policies, and the prosecution of cases. 

For more information about Barra you can visit, www.deborahbarra2020.com
For more information about Ryan Williams visit, https://www.ryanforjustice.com.
For more information about Kevin Morenski visit, https://www.ryanforjustice.com.

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