OIA employees surprise mom who's sad about dropping daughter off in Orlando

'Take good care of my mom,' girl tweets to OIA

Orlando International Airport employees surprise a woman who was sad after dropping her daughter off in Orlando. (Image:OIA)

ORLANDO, Fla. – When a girl tweeted Orlando International Airport employees about her mom being sad about their goodbye, the employees knew they couldn't let her leave the City Beautiful upset.

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Madi, who is starting a new adventure in Orlando, tweeted @MCO at 7 a.m. Wednesday, asking airport employees to take care of her mom, Sheila, who was heading back home after saying farewell.

It only took minutes for the airport to respond on Twitter, asking Madi about her mom's flight and launching what it called #MadisMomSaga.

Within minutes, a team from the airport surprised Sheila at her gate with a special goody bag and video from her daughter.

The man who presented the gifts to Sheila read her Madi's tweet, which brought tears to her eyes. The video he played for Sheila, recorded by Madi and members of the Disney program she's now a part of, brought even more.

MCO Teams Up with Daughter to Make Mom's Departure Special

Madi is looking forward to starting the Disney College Program this fall. When she sent us a tweet this morning asking to take good care of her mom who was upset to leave her behind, we teamed up with her to make mom's departure extra special. 😭

Posted by Orlando International Airport (MCO) on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Good luck on your new adventure, Madi. Mom, congrats on a parenting job well done!

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