Charge added for Uber customers picked up from Universal

Money from charge will go toward extra personnel

ORLANDO, Fla. – The rideshare company Uber told News 6 on Friday that ever since Oct. 21 riders picked up at Universal Studios Orlando have been billed an extra $4 surcharge.

Uber said that Universal is charging the rideshare company, which in return is recouping the cost from their customers.

Uber also said that Universal expressed concerns for rider safety and then relocated the pickup area to the top floor of the Jurassic Park parking garage.

Uber said the extra $4 from every pick-up will go toward extra personnel on hand to help riders find their drivers. The money will also go toward the construction of a new Uber/Universal lounge on the top floor of the parking garage, which will provide an air-conditioned seating area for those waiting for a ride.

News 6 ordered an Uber from a location 1 mile off Universal property and got dropped off at the theme park's specified location. Once arriving at Universal, News 6 then ordered an Uber to be dropped back off at the original location. The cost difference for the category specified as "tolls, surcharges and fees" was exactly $4 more when picked up on Universal property. 

Universal has not responded to our request for comment. 

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