Jennifer Kesse disappearance: Nothing found in search of Gotha lake

Investigators spent days searching in water

Deputies are searching a lake in Orange County after a tip in the Jennifer Kesse case.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A tip in the Jennifer Kesse disappearance case that led investigators to search an Orange County lake for days turned out to be a dead end.

Drew Kesse told News 6 the search on the south side of Lake Fischer, next to the Braemar neighborhood, ended Friday night and nothing was found. Crews spent about two days searching the body of water.

Drew Kesse said he will stop at nothing to find his daughter, who went missing in Orlando in January 2006 when she was 24 years old. Her car was found about a mile away from where she lived, but more than a decade later, she has not been found.

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The tip in the most recent search was submitted to the Kesse family as they battled in court to get unredacted police records related to the disappearance.

"This (search) was seven months in the making," Drew Kesse said.

He said Friday that he has no intention of giving up hope. He implored the public to do the same.

"We ask the public please stick with us, please believe in us. Believe in Jennifer, and if you know something and have called something in before that you think has not been worked, give us a call," Drew Kesse said. 


 Anyone with information about the disappearance is asked to call the family tip line at 941-201-4009.