Breathtaking drone videos show sharks swimming peacefully near surfers

Footage captured near San Diego, Calif.

An amazing caught-on-camera moment involving sharks and surfers will take your breath away.

What’s more unsettling about this drone video of surfers and white sharks captured off the southern California coast?

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The fact that the sharks are swimming so close to the surfers or that the surfers are seemingly oblivious to the swimming predators.

Photographer Scott Fairchild posted the stunning videos to his Instagram account after his drone camera captured the close encounters near San Diego.

In one of his Instagram posts, Fairchild said, “It’s always fascinating to watch them seamlessly interact and coexist with the surfers.”

Local experts said the white sharks appear to be juveniles and likely enjoy the coastal waters for their warmth and abundance of food.

But local media reports white shark attacks are rare for the area and thankfully no one was injured in this captivating and close-up encounter.