Florida student sent home when ‘time of the month’ is mistaken for COVID-19

Girl required to get doctor’s note

An empty Duval County Public Schools elementary classroom
An empty Duval County Public Schools elementary classroom (WJXT)

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A Florida girl was sent home from school when a nurse indicated that fatigue from her menstrual cycle could be a symptom of COVID-19, according to WFTX.

The girl, an eighth grade student at Lexington Middle School in Fort Myers, went to the school nurse on Monday complaining of fatigue because she had just started her period. The nurse gave her a form indicating that her condition could be coronavirus-related.

Sheila Gayle told the TV station that her daughter didn’t have any aches, chills or a fever.

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The school said she would either need to quarantine her daughter or go to the doctor and get a note proving that the girl was not suffering from the deadly respiratory illness, so she chose the latter.

“This (is) what it’s come down to, so every month I have to come when she’s on her cycle? It’s just ridiculous at this point,” the mother told WFTX.

The girl has since returned to campus and her mother is hoping the same thing doesn’t happen again. The school district told the TV station that it’s trying to be extra cautious to keep students safe.

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