North Carolina man accused of messaging 11-year-old on Wildcraft game

Deputies said parents should look into monitoring apps like Bark, Net Nanny or Securly

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FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said a 39-year-old North Carolina man is accused of messaging an 11-year-old girl through the online game Wildcraft.

The Sheriff’s Office reminded parents to monitor their kid’s online activity.

Deputies said the messages appeared to reference a plan for the man to travel to Florida to pick the girl up.

Detectives quickly found out the man was still in North Carolina and there was no immediate risk to the child.

The Sheriff’s Office said the investigation is ongoing to see if there are any applicable criminal charges.

“Parents, this highlights the importance of monitoring your children’s online and cell phone communication on a routine and daily basis,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Technology is continually evolving and predators are adept at using the evolving technology to target and manipulate children. If parents are allowing their children to have access to the internet or mobile devices, they must talk with their children about the dangers involved and take the time to monitor their children’s activity. It is necessary to keep them safe. Be proactive in your child’s life. Using monitoring apps and talking to your children may save them from being a victim.”

The two started talking on the gaming app Wildcraft and this led to direct communication between them and several other kids playing the game, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said they contacted all of their parents.

The Sheriff’s Office posted a photo of all the apps parents should know about.


Investigators said parents should look into monitoring apps like Bark, Net Nanny, and Securly.

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