SpaceX scrubs rocket launch due to weather

Company hopes to send 60 Starlink satellites into space

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – SpaceX is hoping to send another 60 Starlink satellites to space, just not on Monday.

The company scrubbed the launch of its fourth batch of Starlink communication satellites due to upper-level winds.

SpaceX will try again at 9:28 a.m. Tuesday.

Here’s what to know about the launch, according to News 6 partner Florida Today.

• Densely packed together in the payload fairing are 60 Starlink communications satellites.

• Upon success of this mission, SpaceX will have launched a total of 240 Starlink satellites.

• Weather now 90% “go” for Tuesday’s launch.

• The Falcon 9 rocket's first-stage booster previously launched off Launch Complex 39A and from SpaceX's West Coast launch pad, according to the aerospace company.

• SpaceX’s goal is to have almost 12,000 satellites operating in low-Earth orbit, with plans to launch an additional 30,000 satellites in the future.

• Part of the goal of creating the Starlink broadband constellation is to help fund Musk’s dream of colonizing Mars.