Travelers are still coming to Orlando amid coronavirus concerns

Local travel agent says he hasn’t seen cancellations

ORLANDO, Fla. – There’s an uptick in concern, but not cancellations, amid coronavirus outbreaks abroad, according to Bob Cook, the director of sales at Go Travel.

Cook said the travel agency has had a lot of cautious travelers calling, asking about coronavirus and how it might impact travel plans they’ve made.

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“The people we’re seeing reacting, are people who are traveling within 90 days,” Cook said.

Cook said they’re advising travelers based on recommendations set forth by the government.

“We’re going on the best advice given to us by the government, by the tour operators, by the different countries,” Cook said.

He said it’s not their job to tell people interested in traveling, not to travel.

Cook said while they haven't seen a huge uptick in cancellations, they have had some wanting to delay trips. Cook adds that they've also seen a significant uptick on insurance.

He said the other thing for travelers to be mindful of is that each tour operator, airline company and cruise line has different cancellation policies.

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