Coronavirus test kits in short supply

Health Officials: No need for most people to tested

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Florida health officials stress that there is no reason for the vast majority of people to be tested for coronavirus but even if someone is exhibiting symptoms, getting a test will be a challenge.

Two people leaving a CentraCare clinic near Colonialtown in Orlando wearing face masks Wednesday said they were wearing them as a personal precaution.

They also said they asked Centracare employees if they had Coronovirus test kits. They were told the clinic does not have testing kits.

President Trump said insurance companies will waive co-pays for coronavirus testing but a representative for Aetna told News 6 investigator Louis Bolden a Coronovirus test would be considered an office visit with a $30 copay.

Even if insurance covers the test, finding someone to get tested proved difficult in Central Florida.

Officials at Florida’s Department of Health are advising people to check with their health care provider to be tested for the coronavirus.

Staff at the Orlando Immunology Center, which has general practitioners, said they do not have the test kits and they don’t know when they’ll get them.

News 6 asked Orlando Health and Advent Health if someone shows up to an emergency room requesting a test if they would receive one.

In a statement, Orlando Health officials said people having symptoms will be asked if they have been outside of the U.S. and if they have been exposed to someone who tested positive for the coronavirus in the last 14 days. If the answer is yes, the person will go through additional screenings.

If it is determined the person should be tested, Orlando Health will collect the specimens and they will be shipped to the Department of Health in Jacksonville or Tampa for testing, according to the statement.

Advent Health did not respond in time for this story. Officials with CentraCare, owned by Advent Health, did not respond either.

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