3D printers playing huge role in helping to fight against COVID-19

Face shields and other protective gear are in high demand as coronovirus cases rise

ORLANDO, Fla. – Communities across central Florida continue to join forces to help with the need for personal protective equipment.

Tom Hirschmann, a local resident in Orlando has been printing face shield frames from his home and putting the frames together with a plastic shield.

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That is until he realized he needed something that could make production easier.

“Out of nowhere Tom got a hold of us and said 'Hey... I’ve been printing these frames for face shields we just need a laser cutter to be able to cut these out instead of cutting them by hand and I was like, ‘yep, let’s go ahead and do that,” Eddie Cantu, director of operations at Factur said.

The duo teamed up and so far more than 30 face shields have been made to donate during the pandemic. For Eddie, it's a reflection of how a community can pull through troubling days.

"Strangers meeting and strangers coming together and making something amazing that could help not just the community maybe it goes somewhere to a different state," Cantu said.

Eddie says keeping up with production hasn't been easy because they're running low on PETG 3D printing materials and in need of donations to purchase more filament and elastic band.

"Right now we're trying to figure out how we're going to accept donations and things like that. We've started to put together a Gofundme," he said.

He says they’re reaching out to local hospitals and hope their effort will bring some relief for those putting their lives at risk.

For more on how you can help with 3D printing materials email Eddie at info@factur.org

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