Brevard County superintendent explains distance learning

Statewide order says all schools must remain closed until May 1

Superintendent discusses distance learning
Superintendent discusses distance learning

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Brevard County's superintendent is giving an update on student education as the district prepares to wrap up the first week of distance learning.

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With a statewide order that all schools remain closed until May 1 to slow the spread of coronavirus, school districts have been implementing plans for how students will continue to receive their education while staying at home.

"We recognize that this is a new way of work. This is a new experience for all of us," Dr. Mark Mullins said.

Like many other school districts, Brevard County experienced initial problems when distance learning began on Monday.

"We had anticipated bumps," Mullins said. "Students needing passwords and that sort of thing, but we worked through those."

Mullins said online interaction has increased every day on their learning platforms. Brevard County uses a web portal called “LaunchPad,” which gives access to online resources and also a program called “Focus,” which is used for classwork.

“That’s really the one-stop-shop for our kids. That’s where they go to get the lessons and activities that teachers have provided to them,” Mullins said.

Online work has been geared toward flexibility with students having access when it's most convenient for them. As for sustainability, Mullins said teachers have prepared lessons well past the current school closure mandate.

"Last I heard was up to eight weeks, so that gets us very close to the end of the year," he said.

While there will likely be challenges as distance learning continues, the district urges students and parents to contact their teachers or administrators if they have any questions.

Further details for Brevard County’s Instructional Continuity Plan can be found at

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