Hallmark gives out greeting cards to help you connect with those you love

Company increases limit to 2 million cards

1. Greeting cards
1. Greeting cards (FreeImages.com/Grazyna Suchecka)

During the coronavirus outbreak, people have been kept from the ones they love and care about the most.

While there are plenty of virtual ways to connect, Hallmark wants to help send love through the mail.

The greeting card company is giving out 2 million cards to help people not feel so isolated, it said in a video posted to its website. Hallmark originally said it would provide 1 million cards, but after an overwhelming response, it doubled the amount.

“Let’s take a moment and remember to stay close even when we’re apart, because there’s no better time than now to put more care into the world," the company said in the video. "That’s why we’re giving away (the) cards. Get your free card pack today and share how you’re caring for and connecting with others.”

To get your three-card pack, visit Hallmark’s website to submit your mailing address.

Before your cards arrive, start thinking of who would really enjoy hearing from you by mail. Hopefully, you have a few stamps lying around for when you’re ready to mail.

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