Orlando bike shops booming as coronavirus stay-at-home order continues

Shop owners recommends sanitizing bike handles after each ride, wearing helmet

ORLANDO, Fla. – Ever since Florida’s stay-at-home order went into effect, some Central Florida bike shop owners say that business is booming as people need things to do outside.

Kyle’s Bike Shop in Orlando typically orders one pallet of bikes a week. The owner said now they’re ordering four pallets a week to keep up with demand.

“We do roughly about 50 flat tire changes a day. People are dusting off those bicycles and getting them out on the street,” co-owner Christy Markel said.

Kyle's Bike Shop provides curbside tire changes and repairs by appointment. Markel said sales have doubled recently with more people showing up to purchase their own set of wheels.

Tuesday, Kealani Ruiz picked up a bike she purchased with her mom.

“That’s really all I can do, go outside for a little bit, so biking is perfect for that. It’s going to be a different experience because here in Orlando, we’re used to driving around everywhere so this will be fun and different to try out,” Ruiz said.

Markel says a bike has a lot to offer.

“From my exercise, to my adventure, to even sometimes my therapist,” Markel said.

She’s glad more people are exploring nature and she said she hopes once things get back to normal, people will continue to appreciate life on two wheels.

Owners at Kyle’s Bike Shop recommends all riders wipe and sanitize bike handles after each ride and always wear a helmet.

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