Your stimulus check could be delayed if you used tax preparation company, reports say

Companies must reissue money back to IRS before taxpayers can get their money

IRS confirms households will not have to repay stimulus check

Millions of Americans started receiving their government stimulus checks this week, but some found out their money had been deposited into the wrong account.

For individuals who used a tax preparation company to file their taxes, their money was likely deposited into that company’s bank account instead of the individual’s account, according to Fox 5.

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People found out about the mistake when checking their check’s status using the IRS website. Many saw a check had been deposited but the money was not in their account.

Customers have flocked to tax preparation company offices around the county, according to Fox 5, but those companies say the problem rests with the IRS.

“The IRS crippled our operations by doing what they said they weren’t going to do," said an official with a Georgia ATC franchisee. "The IRS sent thousands of stimulus payments that should have been sent directly to taxpayers, to our bank partner Refund Advantage.”

The ATC official told Fox 5 the money must be reissued back to the IRS who will then have reissue the money to taxpayers.

News 6 has received several messages from viewers complaining their money was put into the wrong account and each one responded they too had used a tax preparation company to file their taxes and are likely facing this same scenario.

Fox 5 reached out to the IRS for comment but didn’t hear back. It’s unclear when the stimulus checks will be redistributed to people who used tax preparation companies and are facing this issue of missing money.

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