Skunk Ape: Here’s how Gatorland will enforce social distancing

Character reminds guests to stay 6 feet apart during coronavirus pandemic

Gatorland Orlando has found a unique way to make sure guests practice social distancing when the park reopens amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Park officials say the “Social Distancing Skunk Ape” is the cousin of the elusive Bigfoot and knows all about keeping away from others.

The “Social Distancing Skunk Ape” has already appeared in Gatorland’s YouTube show, “Gatorland Vlogs,” and its Facebook show, “School of Croc.”

Gatorland says the character will be featured in park videos that encourage guests to stay 6 feet apart and to wash and sanitize their hands.

Officials say the “Social Distancing Skunk Ape” will also randomly appear in the park to meet and greet guests when they reopen.

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