How one interactive Orlando attraction is adapting to new COVID-19 guidelines

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games reopens on International Drive

More Central Florida attractions are slowly reopening after receiving the go-ahead from area leaders and the governor’s office.

ORLANDO, Fla. – More Central Florida attractions are slowly reopening after receiving the go-ahead from area leaders and the governor’s office.

Inside Andretti Indoor Karting & Games near International Drive, things look a little different.

News 6 spoke with managing member Eddie Hamann.

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“We strongly recommend they bring a mask,” he said. “If a customer is touching it, we’re cleaning it.”

From laser tag to arcade games, Hamann said everything needed retooling after the indoor complex closed 10 weeks ago.

So how do you keep an arcade open with games next to each other?

You’ll notice there’s signs posted on half the arcade games reading, “On pause for social distancing.”

“Half of the games are off, half of the games are on,” Hamann said. “Half of the go karts are running, half are being sanitized.”

In addition to the signs, the shields and the sanitizing, the company recent ordered two UV decontamination units for their go-kart helmets at their Orlando site, costing the company $24,000.

"That’s not only new to us, it’s new to the industry as a whole," Hamann said. "In fact, we’re the first ones to get it."

While the welcome signs are up, some attractions like the ropes course won’t reopen initially as this complex eases into an unfamiliar way of operating.

"It’s a new rebirth for our business," Hamann said.

On their website, new guidelines are described in detail for different aspects of the complex:

We are PLAYING IT SAFE so you can PLAY TO WIN!

The health and safety of our Team Members and Guests remain our priority. We will continue to closely follow the public health recommendations of state and local health departments, and Center for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure our Team Members and Guest Health and Safety.


Operations/PPE: Team Members will adhere to the glove and mask protocols. Disposal of gloves will be more frequent and will occur after sanitizing a set of equipment.

Capacity: Races will run with their normal operating capacities, based on location and track. Staggered Karts will allow a thorough and detailed cleaning in between races. Kart Group A (active), Kart Group B (cleaned & sanitized), Group B(active), Kart Group B (cleaned & sanitized)

Attraction loading: Groups will be separated into single groups (individuals).

Queue Lines: Floor markers and signage will be used to promote social distancing

Briefing Room: All Briefing Rooms will have touchless hand sanitizer stations. Sanitizing hands will be required of all drivers during briefing, prior to entering the PIT, and after their driving experience, post taking their helmet off.

Social distancing: Race times will be scheduled to avoid crowding. Social distancing will be addressed with floor markers, ensuring Guest are 6 ft. apart when receiving helmets and 6 ft. away from briefer while briefing.

Head Socks: Guests will be required to utilize our reusable balaclava. Head Socks will be placed in the proper bin after use and laundered at 50% vs current 75% to ensure they receive full cycles and time to be neatly stored.

Helmets: A Team Member equipped with all proper safety equipment will be stationed at the helmet drop off. They will be responsible for spraying disinfectant and thoroughly wiping down the helmet, including the inside of the visor. *Disinfectant lockers (SaniBoXX) will be utilized as an additional precaution to eliminate lingering bacteria, Team Members in proper PPE will man the lockers. To show Guest visually dirty vs clean helmets, visors that are dirty will remain closed, while clean visors will be placed up to allow air flow.

Proper Sanitation Chemicals: Array Disinfectant Deodorizer – Used for Disinfectant-Virucide, Deodorizer, Fungicide, Mildewstat and Tuberculocidal.

Pit Road: Pre-Race: Floor Markers will be utilized in front of SMS stations to adhere to 6 ft. distancing. Guests will be offered sanitizer wipes if they wish to wipe down their own kart prior to their race. Trash cans will be easily accessible to Guest for the disposal of wipes.

Pit Road: Post-Race: Management MUST heavily enforce the diligent sanitation of karts after a race. Team Members must sanitize steering wheel, pedals, head rests, seats (top to bottom), seat belts and areas that Guest arms may have rested throughout a race.


All Team Members will adhere to the glove and mask protocols.

Redemption: Guest will adhere to social distancing, by remaining 6 ft. apart at, all times while at redemption. Team Members will bag items for the Guests, confirming finalized items prior to transferring the items to the Guest. Once in Guest hands, items cannot be returned, and Guest will only receive new items if they received a damaged item.

Arcade Games: Some games will not be operable to maintain social distancing

Arcade Floor: Team Members will be stationed in zones to continuously maintain sanitizing touch points within the arcade. Sanitizing wipe stations will be in place for Guest use, while Team Members will utilize a damp sanitize cloth to wipe down games after Guest use, in their zone. Guest should adhere to 6 ft. distancing while waiting their turn for game. Games like basketball and ski ball, will require an attendant to assist in an efficient cleaning.

Games with Interactive Touch Parts will have an attendant. Attendants will soak balls, pucks, parts in a sanitizer (effective against COVID-19 virus) bucket between use. Basketballs will be wiped down extensively with sanitizer.

Sanitizer Wipes and Gloves will be available in arcade for Guests use.

To view guidelines for other attractions at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, click here.

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