Orange County announces 2 more dates for small businesses to apply for PPE

Small businesses must register online to pick up PPE

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County announced more dates for small businesses to pick up free reusable cloth masks as well as hand sanitizers.

Small businesses will be able to pick up PPE at Barnett Park and Downey Park on June 3 and June 4.

Any business interested has to register online at this link.

A business has to staff less than 40 people to be eligible for the registration.

County officials said priority will be given to small businesses showing they have not been able to obtain PPE for their employees due to financial hardship or supply chain scarcities.

The county announced on Thursday patients are testing at a 2.8 positive rate for COVID-19 at the testing sites.

Recovery from COVID-19 in the county remains around 87 percent.

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