Florida Foodie: Agriculture company finds way to pivot in COVID-19 pandemic

Kalera was able to find a new buyer during COVID-19 pandemic

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause issues across the food industry. Restaurants, resorts, and bars all had to close its doors for weeks.

This had a trickle-down effect, ultimately hurting food supplies, especially agriculture.

These problems also affected a Central Florida company that bills itself as the agriculture of the future.

Kalera grows all of its produce indoors, hydroponically, and a completely clean environment.

Unlike other farms, it did not have to plow under its crops or leave them to rot on the vine, but their leafy greens still needed to be harvested. However, nearly all of its customers vanished when the pandemic forced the shutdown in March.

Kalera's CEO, Daniel Malechuk tells us the company was able to pivot and find a new buyer for its product.

Malechuk shares with us some of the lessons the company has learned from this pandemic and its hopes for the future as we continue to reopen our economy.

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