Orlando doctor warns of office-place spread of coronavirus

Here’s how a cleaning company is responding to COVID-19 demand

Health officials are warning for people to be careful while in the workplace as COVID-19 cases rise in Central Florida.

Dr. Scott Brady at AdventHealth said employees should stay on high alert.

“Clean your doorknobs, clean your mouses. Clean anything you think you are going to touch and keep your hands away from your face and you should be fine,” Dr. Brady said. “We’ll put cubicles kind of facing the same way so you are not facing one another. Certainly, clean the surfaces. When I come to work every day I clean off the mouse on my computer and my phone that I will touch all day.”

Dr. Brady said AdventHealth has worked with about 100 businesses to create sanitation and cleanliness plans. He said it’s still unknown how transmittable coronavirus is on surfaces.

“In almost every case, we’ve seen that the plans are fantastic. That the way they are cleaning is really going above and beyond and so we’ve been very impressed with over 100 employers we’ve worked with and how they are keeping themselves, their employees, and their consumers clean,” Dr. Brady said.

A local cleaning company said that they are receiving an increase in COVID-19 related calls for service.

Diego Barros, owner of PuroClean of Longwood said his deep clean business has been working around the clock. He said for coronavirus related calls, senior living facilities are the most common, followed by office buildings and daycares.

“The demand is very high right now. The last days we’ve been working almost 24 hours, 7 days,” said Barros. “We are receiving calls, some employees had tested positive or they are concerned about some employees being sick, so the first question is, how fast can you be helping us.”

Barros said his company uses a multi-process cleaning procedure, with the goal of disinfecting every surface.

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