Cap, gown and a mask: DeLand High School graduations underway this week

Ceremonies include temperature checks, masks and social distancing

DeLAND, Fla. – It was a surreal day for many DeLand High School students, not only because they're starting a new chapter in life but because of the graduation ceremony itself.

"It's already surreal thing but with the virus, it makes it a bit more surreal," said Lucas Marrero, graduating senior. "With the amount of people that have the virus, I think someone's going to have it in there and that's a bit worrying to me. But, it's also like a nice send off."

It was a send off that Chloe Morgan said she wasn't sure was going to happen but is glad that it did.

"At least we get the graduation. Some schools are just cancelling them," she said.

Nearly 600 students showed up for graduation on Thursday, according to the Volusia County School District. Students and their families stood in line outside the Ocean Center, waiting to have their temperature checked before going in.

Tashawn Turner said she was happy to be one of two guests who were allowed to attend the graduation and is proud of her son’s many achievements.

"As long as they got their mask on and being protected, I think everything is going to go pretty good," said Tashawn Turner.

Students listened to the ceremony while being socially distant on the floor and in the stands while families were spread out throughout the arena, and watched as their graduates walked across the stage, accepting their well deserved diplomas.

Graduations will be held throughout the week. Three will be held on Saturday.

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