Everything you need to know about Polk County’s back-to-school plan

New school start date, learning options listed below

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – As Florida continues to see a surge in coronavirus cases, Polk County school leaders are working to welcome students back for the 2020-2021 academic year with adjusted learning options.

Polk County has been working on details to reopen for in-person learning after the Florida Department of Education issued an executive order telling schools to physically reopen come August.

Here’s what you need to know about the district’s back to school plan:

Start date: Aug. 24

Polk County Public Schools announced Tuesday it will delay the start of the 2020-21 school year from August 10 to at least until August 24.

Click here to see how the school calendar has changed with the new school start date.

Learning Options

The district has provided four options for parents to pick from:

1. Campus Learning: Students will return to campus under various health and safety protocols. Transportation and meals will be provided.

2. Campus eSchool: Students remain enrolled in their zoned, choice, or magnet school of acceptance, but will participate in online learning. Students will be expected to log in at a certain time, and there will be specified times for the various subjects, such as math, science and language arts. Parents serve as learning coaches and monitor students on completing their assignments. For planning purposes, the district is asking parents to make a quarterly commitment to eSchool.

3. Polk Virtual School: Students enroll in PCPS’ longstanding virtual school program with online lessons taught by PCPS teachers. Students work at their own pace and can set their own schedule. Time management and self-motivation are essential. Parents serve as learning coaches and monitor students on completing their assignments. For planning purposes, we are asking that families who select Polk Virtual School to make a semester-long commitment.

(Courtesy Polk County Schools)

Reopening comparison in Español

Learning Option Deadline: July 27

For planning purposes, PCPS wants to hear from all of its families. The school is asking parents to complete the School Intent Registration form by July 27. To confirm your student’s learning option, follow this link.

Enhanced coronavirus-related health and safety measures

Polk County Public Schools created a task force to assist with planning for school to resume amid the coronavirus pandemic. The task force is comprised of district, health care and community leaders, many of whom are also parents of students.

Visit polkschoolsfl.com/reopeningtaskforce for video recordings of their meetings, as well as updates on their discussions and decisions related to reopening.

Watch the latest meeting from July 8 below.