DOE approves reopening plan for Osceola County schools and Seminole County schools

Osceola opens school on Aug. 24 and Seminole opens on Aug. 17

The Florida Department of Education has approved the reopening plan for Osceola County Schools and Seminole County Schools.

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OCPS gave parents three options to enroll their child in:

  • Face-to-face instruction at school with health and safety precautions in place
  • Digital learning with their assigned school with a traditional school day schedule
  • Virtual learning for students to allow learning during non-traditional school hours

School will open on Aug. 24.

“The Osceola School Board’s Ready. Set. Start Smart! Reopening Plan was created with input from medical providers, teachers, parents, and other important stakeholders and provides parents the ability to decide what learning environment is best for their child when school resumes on Aug. 24,” Dan Shafer with Osceola Schools said in a statement.

Seminole County schools will begin class on Aug. 17.

“Now they have a lot on their plate, what’s the best option for them and we understand it’s not a perfect system,” Michael Lawrence with Seminole County Schools said.

Seminole County parents can pick from four options:

  • Traditional learning and students will follow a regular school day schedule
  • Virtual School where students will establish their own learning schedule
  • Seminole Connect is at-home learning during school hours
  • A hybrid option allows a family to choose from multiple learning options to meet a student’s need

“We were very very pleased to have that happen, being the first school district in the state of Florida to have our plan approved,” Lawrence said.

Reopening plans from each county has to be sent to the Department of Education by July 31.