What the Honk: Bad park jobs and motorcyclists up to no good

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The images you’re about to see may cause raised eyebrows, slight questioning of human education and a wondering of where some drivers tested for their license. Viewer discretion is advised.

Today’s list of HONKS will have you scratching your head. Just when I think every one is getting better and better, you prove me wrong so quickly.

So usually when we see a cop car or something similar we tend to be on our best behavior whether it’s watching your speed or using your turn signals. That should apply to parking also.

Look at the red civic. No driver, no disabled parking decal and definitely parked in the wrong direction.

Get this, it’s in the Orange County Jail parking lot. This is the type of driver that would complain when they got their ticket.

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You would think by 2020 wearing your seatbelt would be a routine part of life. But for some people, they could give a HONK.

Some people even ask “How do you even know a driver isn’t wearing one?” Well when you’re wearing a large white shirt and everything else is in your car is dark and oh, I have eyes, it’s kind of easy.

Wear the dang seatbelt, please. I’ve been on way too many scenes where tragedy could have been avoided simply by buckling up.

So some motorcyclists wonder why they are caught up in the stereotype that they are all up to no good. Well, this is why.

Check out the license plate on the blue sportbike. License plates just don’t naturally bend like this. Over time they don’t just suddenly bend so you can’t read them. How this occurs you may ask? By the human hand.

Why he simply can’t follow the rules or behave while driving who knows. The only reason to hide your plate means you’re up to no good.

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