Orange County schools want students to test computer or iPad before virtual learning starts

Virtual learning begins Monday

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County Schools wants students to test their computer or iPad before virtual learning starts on Monday.

The first nine days of school will be virtual learning for students who are participating in the LaunchED@Home and students who are enrolled in face-to-face instruction.

There is no penalty if a student can’t participate during the first nine days.

“I want to thank you in advance for your patience and your partnership. Have a happy and safe weekend,” Dr. Barbara Jenkins said.

The district wants students to test their device they will be using before school on Monday.

Anyone having connection issues should contact their service provider.

Here are four steps if a student has trouble on Monday:

  • Turn off the device and start it again 60 seconds later
  • Reach out to service provider to make sure the connection is working
  • Let the school know you are having issues connecting
  • Try the connection again after a few minutes

The district wants parents to help their kid relax if there is a struggle with the connection, there are no penalties for not being able to connect the first nine days.

Students who are using an iPad from school will need to make sure they have downloaded all the correct apps.

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