6 Florida constitutional amendments to be on ballot in November

Election officials say amendments have tricky language

There are 6 Florida constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot this November.

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – There are six Florida constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot this November.

Election officials tell News 6 a lot of these amendments have tricky language and it makes them difficult to understand.

We broke down some of those amendments to help voters know what they’re voting on this election.

Osceola County Supervisor of Elections Mary Jane Arrington said she’s seen voters take 45 minutes in past elections, trying to go through the amendments on the ballot.

It’s this very reason election supervisors recommend voters do their research in advance of voting.

“You’ll have time to read them and study them at home, and you’ll have the language there, you could do your own research,” Orange County’s Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles said.

One of the amendments voters will see on the ballot is the Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections amendment.

“Basically, you already have to be a citizen to vote in the state of Florida, but this is adding the wording ‘only a citizen can vote,’ to the constitution,” Arrington said.

So will this amendment change who is allowed to vote in the state of Florida?

“No it does not, because that is one of the things that is required for someone to register to vote today in the state of Florida, is you must be a citizen,” Arrington said.

She added, the amendment is, “just adding words, it’s not going to change anything if it passes or not.”

The Florida Division of Elections provided this link to show the six amendments on the November ballot.