Meet the candidates: Here’s who’s running to be Osceola County’s supervisor of elections

Mary Jane Arrington faces Beulah Farquharson on November ballot

Osceola County Supervisor of Elections candidates. (WKMG)
Mary Jane Arrington(D)
Beulah "Rosita" Farquharson
100% of Precincts Reporting

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The November elections are swiftly approaching and News 6 is here to make sure you are fully prepared when the time comes for you to cast your ballot.

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One election happening in Osceola County is for the county’s supervisor of elections.

The supervisor of elections is the official designated by Florida law and the county charter to administer elections and voter registration for Osceola County.

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Some of the tasks the supervisor of elections is responsible for include the following:

  • Conduct all public elections
  • Register voters and issue voter information cards
  • Remove voters from the registered voter rolls who no longer live in Florida, are deceased, or for any other reason are no longer eligible to vote in Florida
  • Change information on registered voter rolls when a change request is received (e.g., name, address, party affiliation)
  • Send advance notice of election to voters who are overseas, in the military, or who request notification
  • Accept mail ballot requests and send, receive and verify mail ballots
  • Qualify candidates for county offices
  • Receive candidate campaign finance reports for county offices and make them available to the public
  • Receive financial disclosure reports from elected county officials and make them available to the public
  • Maintain election equipment
  • Hire and train poll workers
  • Acquire and equip polling places
  • Maintain statistics on election results, voting history and voter registration
  • Verify petition signatures for initiative petitions and candidate qualifying petitions
  • Maintain precinct information, including a listing of streets and parts of streets that are in each precinct

Let’s meet the candidates:

Mary Jane Arrington (D)

Arrington, the incumbent, moved to Osceola County over 45 years ago. She began her role in government in 1994 when she was the first women to be elected to serve on the Osceola County Commission. She served in this role from 1994 to 2002. Arrington was one on the founding supervisors of the TOHO Water Authority, where she served from 2001 to 2008. She also volunteers her time at the YMCA where she serves as the Past Board Chairman of the YMCA of Central Florida.

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Beulah Farquharson (NPA)

Farquharson moved to Florida from New York in 1991. She is a 1996 graduate and alum of Leadership Institute Think Tank, former facilitator of vacation ownership, former FEMA-PARR housing contractor and former editor of Buenaventura Lakes Navigator Bilingual Newspaper.

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Election Day is Nov. 3.

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