’Parcel on hold’ scheme may be targeting your bank account

Orange County residents report suspicious notices in mail

Vague parcel on held notices may be a scheme, News 6 investigations reveals. (Copyright 2020 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Brown envelopes that appear to be some sort of parcel delivery notice may be a scheme to steal bank account information or sell water treatment devices, a News 6 investigation revealed.

Reports of vague “parcel on hold” notice being delivered to Central Florida residents started popping up last week but have been delivered to residents over the last few years according to user reports.

News 6 obtained a copy of a notice sent to residents in the Apopka area that include two phone numbers with an 877 area code.

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The numbers make a distinction between English and Spanish but never indicate what delivery service is holding the parcel or what the parcel might be.

One of the residents who asked not to be identified said she knew it was a fake because she has her packages delivered to a separate address.

After calling the 877 number designated for English speaking residents, a woman identifying herself as Dee or Deanna yelled a vulgarity and slammed the phone down when asked what company she is with.

News 6 ran a check of the number and found complaints dating back to December 2018.

On December 25, 2018 huy wrote “Same thing happened to me as well. Received the card. I called and they were very rude, then hung up when I tried to ask more questions.”

Another person wrote about their experience under the name GiGi on June 19, 2019, saying “Called this number and spoke to Deanna she said this was an additional gift as part of the Welcome Packet. She set up a time for someone to do free water testing & I would receive a gift card. Unfortunately, I fell for this, set up the appt. and unfortunately told her I live alone. She said she would call to confirm. Now I’m concerned I will be targeted. I’m going to report it to the local police who I hope will send someone here if the person arrives.”

One of the most recent complaints is from May 14 where user GBH wrote “Received a notice of parcel on hold in my mailbox. I called the number but nobody answered. Then I did some investigating and began to think this was a scam. Finally, I came here (the web site) to find that others who were directed to call 877-270-4413 also found it was a scam.”

The latest evidence of these parcel notices was sent to News 6 on Dec. 14. At the bottom of the notice is a reference to LE Form 2100, April 2014. News 6 has not deciphered what this is in reference to.

If you receive a notice, call your local police or email makeendsmeet@wkmg.com.

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