‘Really good start:’ AdventHealth doctors update COVID-19 vaccinations

Pfizer vials could contain more doses than first thought

ORLANDO, Fla. – AdventHealth Orlando is off to a “really good start” after COVID-19 vaccinations began this week for frontline workers, Dr. Steven Smith said Thursday.

“It’s not just doctors and nurses, it’s our environmental services, it’s respiratory therapist -- all the people within those units are at the front of the line,” Smith said.

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Thursday’s briefing came as it was learned that vials of the Pfizer vaccine could actually contain up to seven doses, not five.

News 6 asked about what this could mean for overall supply and if it could end up benefiting people.

“We have a specific command in control process to address this. We are looking at this actively, literally as we speak. Right now, we are sticking with what we were told in the beginning, but we are assessing that (Thursday) and we will have a decision on that very soon,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Regan Schwartz, who received the Pfizer shot already, brought up possible side effects that some may experience after getting the vaccine.

“Some of the patients that were actually part of the trial, some actually had muscle aches, with mild headaches, for 24 hours or less,” he said.

Schwartz explained that those who are vaccinated should not let their guard down, recommending people still wear a mask.

“My greatest hope is that everyone (who) actually has the ability to take the vaccine, actually takes it,” Schwartz said.

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