Volunteers wanted to administer COVID-19 vaccine in Brevard County

State representative builds database of medical professionals

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VIERA, Fla. – On the first full day of public drive-thru vaccinations at the Brevard County health department, a state lawmaker said he thinks there’s just not enough vaccines and they’re not being distributed fast enough.

Rep. Randy Fine (R-Palm Bay) said he wants to help close the gap.

“I know that one of our challenges is the amount of people able to give the vaccine, so I thought I’d go ahead and create a database of people who want to volunteer,” Fine said.

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The response was encouraging.

Published to his Facebook page Tuesday morning, Fine’s call for help quickly had double-digit applicants.

Fine said those volunteers will be forwarded to the state and the state will determine their qualifications.

Then, volunteers could be ready to give the shot if they’re needed.

Brevard nurse practitioner Amanda Nolte replied to Fine’s post.

“I have a lot of patients wanting this vaccine, that need this vaccine and I want to get it out there for people who want to have it and want to get it,” Nolte said. “We need those resources, by people being able to give the vaccine.”

Fine said he hopes his list will be of use at some point.

For now, the drive-thru at the Viera health department is being worked by a couple dozen nurses, other Department of Health employees and the Florida National Guard.

Brevard County said all 3,500 appointments for seniors and health care workers who do not belong to a hospital group are booked for the next month.

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