‘It escalated so quickly:’ Videographer describes Capitol chaos

WASHINGTON – An independent videographer who specializes in covering large protests said he was prompted to travel to the nation’s capital, in part, because President Donald Trump had tweeted about the Jan. 6 demonstrations weeks ahead of time.

“I thought people were going to gather outside the Capitol,” Brendan Gutenschwager told News 6, “But I definitely did not think it was going to be a total overrun of the police.”

Gutenschwager has been capturing video at major demonstrations for about five years, most recently in cities like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and Kenosha.

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The videographer typically licenses his video footage to news organizations or shares it on Twitter.

After listening to part of the President’s speech near the White House, Gutenschwager headed to the Capitol where he knew demonstrators would be gathering around 1 p.m. as Congress began formally counting electoral votes.

He said protestors began clashing with police almost immediately.

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