Video shows suspect screaming, apologizing after Orange County deputy-involved shooting

Man was shot in leg

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Newly released body camera video shows a suspect screaming in pain and apologizing after an Orange County deputy shot him in the leg during a confrontation but it doesn’t shed any light on whether the man had a weapon.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Deputy Sheriff Bruce Stolk shot Edenilson Urbina last month after a traffic stop on Kingsgate Drive in Orlando.

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Records show Urbina was driving a motorcycle with an illegal license plate on it and when stopped, he ran behind a nearby apartment complex.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said in December 2020 that Stolk opened fire because he believed Urbina might have been reaching for a gun but the sheriff said it wasn’t clear whether or not Urbina was armed.

The footage released Tuesday evening doesn’t appear to show any weapons. A spokesperson from the sheriff’s office said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation, which is ongoing, will determine whether Urbina was armed.

An affidavit for Urbina’s arrest does not reference any weapon or the deputy-involved shooting.

The body camera video shows the gunfire at about the 2:35 mark. Although Stolk appeared to be running at the time and there’s no audio in that portion of the footage, a flash from the gunfire can be seen.

The video begins with a deputy chasing after Urbina.

“Stop running, stop running, stop running,” a deputy said.

Within seconds, Urbina is on the ground.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said.

“Show your (expletive) hands,” a deputy replied.

The deputy repeatedly ordered Urbina to keep his hands up.

“My leg, it hurts,” Urbina said while lying on the ground.

At about two minutes in, the video cuts to footage from Stolk’s body camera ,which shows the same confrontation from a different angle. The clip begins with Stolk in his patrol vehicle and then shows him chasing after Urbina and firing his weapon.

“Get your hands out of your waistband, he’s reaching,” Stolk said once Urbina was on the ground.

Video from a third deputy begins at 3:30 and offers a similar take. He approached while Urbina was already being held at gunpoint by at least two deputies.

“Listen to me: If you reach anywhere, pull at your waist, I will (expletive) smoke you,” a deputy said. “You got me?”

Moments later, the deputies approach and secure Urbina in handcuffs.

The video then cuts to deputies tending to the gunshot wound on Urbina’s leg.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no,” Urbina cried.

He repeatedly screamed in pain as deputies assessed what they determined was an entry and exit wound.

“Relax, man. Just stay with me, stay with me. You’re good,” a deputy said.

The sheriff’s office said Stolk remains on paid leave as the investigation into the deputy-involved shooting continues, which is standard procedure.

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