Swatting calls are becoming more frequent in Volusia County, deputies say

Deputies said they’ve received 2 calls in 5 days

A man was arrested following a SWAT standoff in St. Johns County on Sunday afternoon, according to the Sheriff’s Office. (WJXT)

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies in Volusia County said they have received multiple fake “swatting” calls in the last week.

Swatting might be similar to the prank calls you might have made as a child but the difference is this prank call can put people’s life at risk, according to authorities.

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Swatting happens when a person calls 911, creates a fake threatening scenario and sends the authorities and response team to another person’s address.

The result? Local police or SWAT teams show up in a show of force to a call that usually ends up being a hoax.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, a fake swatting call was made around 10 p.m. Wednesday night. The call marked the second swatting attempt in under a week.

“The caller claimed to be a 14-year-old who shot his mother in their home on Alexander Avenue,” deputies said.

When deputies arrived and made contact with the residents, they determined the call was a fake.

What some people consider a prank has become a very dangerous joke.

One man was even killed by police in his Kansas home after becoming the victim of a swatting prank in December 2017.

No one is off-limits for the dangerous stunt. Swatting found its way into the public eye after celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian fell victim to similar swatting attacks.