UCF professors among those getting vaccine on busy day at Valencia College site

There were questions about who was eligible for a vaccine on Sunday at Valencia College.

It was another busy Sunday at Valencia College’s West Campus, with more people getting a chance to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The site able to do 3,250 shots both on Saturday and Sunday, an increase from their 3,000 shots normally given out at the site, which will resume on Monday.

But now, there could be more people who are eligible to get a vaccine after stories from people like Dr. Tim Brown.

He’s a professor at UCF who said he got the vaccine on Saturday, though he’s not considered a K-12 school employee or fit into the current eligibility category.

“All we know is that we had friends who were univérsity faculty who got vaccinated who told us about it,” Brown said. “We went over. Didn’t hide anything. Told them flat out we were univérsity educators and they got us processed and got our first dose.”

There was a similar story from Vince Morin.

A restaurant worker who also doesn’t meet the current requirements from the state, he got an email from his job Sunday saying he too may be eligible.

“Absolutely, that’s exactly what it said,” said Morin, who was trying to get the vaccine.

Attempts to reach out to the Governor’s office and the Department of Health on Sunday for further clarification were unsuccessful.

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