Community steps up to help firefighter who lost childhood home in blaze

No one was injured in fire

APOPKA, Fla. – Tragedy struck an Apopka firefighter after the home he grew up in was destroyed when a fire ripped through it.

“It’s definitely hard to look at, you know because this is the house I grew up in,” Jeremias Williams said.

The home where Williams has some of his most cherished memories is now a pile of rubble and ashes.

“Initially it was kind of uh, put us at a standstill you know because as a firefighter I’m used to fighting the fire,” he said.

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The 23-year-old Apopka native has been a firefighter with the Apopka fire department for more than four years. He said the night of March 31 when a fire ripped through his family’s home, he wasn’t working; it was one of his coworkers who called him.

“I just remember seeing the rubble a lot of the rubble. I remember the firefighters some of them I knew on the scene, fighting it,” he said.

At the time Jeremias didn’t know if his parents and three of his brothers were still inside.

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