European astronaut Thomas Pesquet premieres Coldplay’s new song from space

‘Higher Power’ is about finding everyone’s inner astronaut, lead singer Chris Martin says

European Space station Astronaut Thomas Pesquet in the International Space Station cupola in May 2021. (Image credit: Thomas Pesquet/ESA) (WKMG 2021)

European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet took a song drop to a new level 200 miles above Earth, helping Coldplay debut its new single this week from his orbiting outpost.

Pesquet arrived at the space station last week along with his other Crew-2 astronauts in the SpaceX Dragon capsule after launching from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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Pesquet, who happens to be an amateur saxophone player, chatted with the bandmates of Coldplay from the International Space Station cupola before the out-of-this-world debut. He showed off some views of the Dragon spacecraft docked outside and answered some questions from the band.

Lead singer Chris Martin wanted to know if the Frenchman had seen any “creatures” or aliens in space.

“I don’t know I keep looking,” Pesquet joked.

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Coldplay’s song, “Higher Power” is space-inspired.

“Higher Power - featuring dancing alien holograms - was beamed up to Thomas, who gave the track its very first play on board the Station,” according to the European Space Agency.

Martin said “the song is about trying to find the astronaut in all of us. The person that can do amazing things.”

Pesquet and his fellow Crew-2 astronauts, Shan Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, of NASA and Akihiko Hoshide, of the Japanese Space Agency, will spend six months on the International Space Station.

Pesquet has also been regularly sharing his favorite songs from space on Twitter @Thom_astro.

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