Orlando Magic player’s Lamborghini stolen, taken for a joy ride before crash

Terrence Ross says his SUV was stolen from dealership

Orlando Magic player’s Lamborghini stolen, taken for a joy ride before crash
Orlando Magic player’s Lamborghini stolen, taken for a joy ride before crash

ORLANDO, Fla. – A bright orange Lamborghini SUV belonging to Orlando Magic player Terrence Ross was stolen from a dealership this week and the thieves took it for a joy ride, attempting to evade authorities before totaling the car, according to Ross and law enforcement officials.

In a video post on Instagram Tuesday, which was captioned “Rip to my urus,” Ross detailed what he says he was told by Orlando police about his stolen vehicle, which Ross described as his “whip,” a bright orange 2021 Lamborghini Urus, a super sport utility vehicle with a twin-turbo V8 engine.

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What follows sounds more like the a scene out of “22 Jump Street” than a typical day in Orlando.

Orlando police confirmed officers responded to a report of stolen vehicle from the Lamborghini dealership at Field Motorcars of Florida on 33rd Street.

Ross said the police notified him around 8 a.m. Tuesday that his SUV was located, which was the first he heard of the theft.

“I’m super confused,” he said in the video. ”Like what car? I didn’t go anywhere last night.”

According to Ross, the vehicle was at the dealership for a tire repair. The officer told him his car was stolen from the dealership and “completely totaled,” Ross said in the video.

An OPD spokesperson said the thieves drove a stolen vehicle to the Lamborghini dealership around 1 a.m. Tuesday and stole a vehicle from the business. The stolen Lamborghini was spotted a few hours after the theft, according to Orlando police, and ultimately crashed in Maitland.

Orlando police said the people who stole the vehicle fled the crash scene and have not been arrested. The investigation is underway.

According to Ross, police told him several individuals smashed the glass of the dealership, grabbed some keys and then began trying to see which key worked on different cars.

“The key that they stumbled upon was my key, my key to my flat Lambo gets stolen off the lot, they take this car and they start driving,” Ross said.

The Orlando Magic guard said authorities caught up to the stolen car in Winter Garden and began a pursuit.

“They start the chase, the dudes take off, in my whip, they take off in my whip, smash it, lose control of it and crash it into the side of a building, completely totaled,” Ross said he was told.

Ross was already shopping for a new ride with his son at the dealership Tuesday and said he was “sick” about the loss of his car.

Ross had the SUV for three months after he got it for his birthday. In another Instagram post in February, Ross wrote “that whip cost money, I ain’t lyin.” According to, a 2021 Lamborghini Urus starts at $218,000. Ross said his Urus was a special edition and in high demand.

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