Murder for hire: ‘Lucifer’ asks fellow inmate to kill woman he brutalized for days, deputies say

Officials say William Rodriguez-Cordero told inmate where to take her, how to kill her

Marion inmate asks fellow inmate to kill woman, deputies say
Marion inmate asks fellow inmate to kill woman, deputies say

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A man already in jail is facing an additional charge in a murder-for-hire plot after he allegedly asked another inmate to kill a woman he stabbed and held captive for days, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said 41-year-old William Rodriguez-Cordero now faces solicitation of first-degree murder on top of previous charges related to his April arrest when the woman escaped his home after being brutalized for days.

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In April, deputies said the woman escaped Rodriguez-Cordero’s home, where she was held for days. According to records, the woman was repeatedly beaten, sexually assaulted and stabbed 10 to 20 times. During the beating and stabbing, deputies said the victim told them Rodriguez-Cordero kept referring to himself as “Lucifer” and called her “Lucifer’s sacrifice.”

While the woman was held captive, deputies said she was stabbed with a 12-inch kitchen knife several times in the stomach and legs.

The sheriff’s office said Rodriguez-Cordero told the inmate where to find the woman, where to take her and how to kill her. Deputies said the inmate reported the solicitation to authorities and said he was told Rodriguez-Cordero stabbed the woman in hopes “she would bleed to death” but since she escaped, Rodriguez-Cordero said he was facing life in prison.

Deputies said the inmate was told he needed his help to “off her” and was given information on how to find her. Rodriguez-Cordero offered the inmate property he had at the jail and said he would give him cash once he was released, the sheriff’s office said.

Rodriguez-Cordero was already facing charges of attempted second-degree murder, sex battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment and aggravated battery using a deadly weapon charges.

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