REWATCH: News 6 answers viewer questions during back-to-school town hall

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The new school year is just around the corner and while things may seem like they’re back to “normal” this year, it’s the transition back to a more normal school year that might have students, parents and teachers asking questions.

Central Florida’s school districts dealt with change after change last year. They went from the typical in-person learning to suddenly having to work or learn from home, before later having the option to choose between the two or make use of a hybrid option. Masks in the classroom and social distancing were also introduced, the way testing was done and the weight it carried changed, extra-curriculars became more difficult to pull off and there may have been changes to some curriculum.

[MEET THE PANELISTS: Here’s who will be answering your questions during News 6′s Back to School town hall]

And while vaccines are now available to some school-aged children, the world is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

With some teachers and students returning to the classroom for the first time in a while, News 6 knows parents, students and educators will have some questions.

That’s why we’re dedicating much of our coverage leading up to the new school year to all things back to school.

Will my child have to wear a mask at school? What supplies will they need? What if they begin to struggle academically being back in a group setting after learning at home for a year? What if they’re behind because of the pandemic?

Those are just a few of many questions News 6 hopes to answer in the coming weeks.

News 6 hosted a back-to-school town hall on Tuesday, Aug. 3 at 7 p.m.

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The town hall was be hosted by News 6 anchor Lisa Bell and included five panelists who specialize in education, health and mental health. You can get to know the panelists here.

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