Demonstrators in Orlando plan to protest for days to support Cuban people

Another rally for Cuba is expected to happen at noon on Friday outside of City Hall.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Another rally took place outside of the Sedano’s off of Curry Ford Road Thursday, drawing a large crowd of people waving Cuban flags and carrying signs of support for Cuba.

Much of the conversation in the political realm has centered around the idea of theUnited States assisting Cuba in providing access to the internet.

This evening, President Joe Biden weighed in and said there are a number of things the United States would consider doing, such as remittances, but added that he wants to be sure the Cuban government won’t take advantage.

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The President also touched on the subject of internet access and said it’s something they’re considering whether they have the technological ability to help with.

Internet access is something Gov.Ron DeSantis has urged the President to assist with, writing a letter to President Biden Wednesday.

DeSantis spoke at a news conference in Miami on the issue.

“Our view is time is of the essence here, every day that the regime has to blackout the truth, is a day that they can get the upper hand on this,” DeSantis said.

At the rally in Orlando, one woman told News 6, it’s been days since she’s spoken with family in Cuba.

Others that attended the rally called access to the internet a time-sensitive issue.

“That would be very, very important; when people say, well the internet is not a weapon to fight against the communism, but it’s the access for us, and for the entire world, to see what’s going on in Cuba,” said Jose Diaz, who was one of the many rallyings outside the Sedano’s.

Another rally for Cuba is expected to happen at noon on Friday outside of City Hall.

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