Training initiative prepares students for the competitive world of opera

Students are working on both individual and ensemble performances

ORLANDO, Fla. – High school students who dream of a career as professional opera singers are honing their skills this week.

Opera Orlando is offering a new, week-long camp called “The Summer Institute for the Next Generation of Singers.”

Students are working not just on vocal skills, but also on the day-to-day aspects of being a professional singer.

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“I think a lot of kids get the idea in their head, ‘I wanna be a singer! I wanna be an actor!’ and they don’t always realize what goes into achieving that goal and what are the steps,” Opera Orlando Outreach and Education Coordinator Sarah Purser said. “Not only is this a glimpse into what that world application looks like, but also, our goal this week is to sort of help prepare them to create their resumes, to learn how to create a bio, learn how to prepare an audition rep. How do you show up to an audition?”

Purser said Opera Orlando’s social media manager worked with students on discovering their personal brand.

“She helped them sort of dig into who they are as a person and who they want to be professionally and just to kind of ask them to think about what do they stand for and what do they want to do?”

Purser said students are working on both individual and ensemble performances, with practical steps on excelling in the highly competitive world of opera.

“It’s such a competitive field that you have to make practice time. That has to be part of your everyday. You eat lunch every day. You practice every day. As singers, our bodies are literally are instruments and so there’s a big focus on physical health and vocals. This week we’re having yoga sessions, yoga for singers.”

Students will show off their skills in a public recital Friday evening. For more information on upcoming classes and events, visit

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