TikTok bans milk crate challenge due to injuries

Social media app deleted search results for #milkcratechallenge

Viral milk crate challenge prompts warnings

You might be familiar with this summer’s viral craze: the milk crate challenge.

People on social media are stacking milk crates in a pyramid and trying to climb them like stairs.

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Now, the dangerous challenge has been banned by the app that gave it life.

TikTok deleted search results for #milkcratechallenge and said in a statement Friday the challenge was “publicizing a dangerous activity.”

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The challenge, like so many viral internet dares, began as a simple premise with often funny results.

However, people are reportedly getting hurt as the milk crates usually tumble and the person walking on them generally goes down with them.

A Virginia orthopedic surgeon has warned against the stunt, noting it comes at a time when emergency rooms and medical personnel are overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.