Viral video shows woman riding exercise bike, downing food inside McDonald’s

Video has more than 31.9 million views as of Monday morning

McDonald's sign (Pixabay)

Spin bikes and fast food are two things you wouldn’t think go together.

Not according to a McDonald’s in China, and this viral TikTok video is proof.

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A video of a woman downing fast food and riding a spin bike inside a McDonald’s in China has gone viral with as many as 31.9 million views as of Monday morning.

In the video, she can be seen slowly making use of the spin bike while chugging a dark beverage, which might be soda, and munching on some type of sandwich.


mc da China kkkk amei a ideia

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The bike the woman is on is one of three spin bikes branded with McDonald’s that can be seen inside the restaurant.

There is a man on another bike doing the same as this woman, enjoying fast food and biking at the same time.

The TikTok comments were aplenty with some agreeing with the concept and others being left quite confused. And some were just downright entertaining.

Do you think McDonald’s is on to something with “McFitness” as one commenter called it?