Doctor says depression and anxiety among children doubled since start of pandemic

Preliminary research shows masks do not hurt speech development for children, doctors say

Nemours Children’s Hospital held a webinar to address concerns from parents about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I would view masks kind of like umbrellas. You go out with an umbrella when it’s raining. You don’t go outside with an umbrella when it’s sunny,” Dr. Ken Alexander said.

Medical professionals said during the webinar that preliminary research has not shown any significant amounts of speech delay due to children wearing a facial covering at school.

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“All of us want to do the right thing for our kids. There is no doubt about that. When a parent comes to me concerned, it’s not that you want to humiliate anyone because they all want to do what’s right for their kids,” Alexander said.

Doctors also said that some children may feel ill weeks after recovering from COVID-19. If no tissue damage or inflammation is discovered, it can be beneficial to have a psychologist step in.

Doctor Zachary Radcliff said depression and anxiety among children have doubled since the beginning of the pandemic.

“They are seeing all of this and there is a significant amount of stress that they are experiencing related to that on top of you know just kind of the general mental health effects of COVID,” Radcliff said.

Alexander also said despite vaccine efficacy differing from person to person, a vaccine is still the best protection to prevent serious illness or death.

“If it’s in front of you, just get a dose of vaccine and just be done with it.”

Doctors also said following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, parents should wait for their child to fully recovered before participating in athletics.